John Bartram High School
John Bartram High School is a public secondary school located in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, United States.
The school, which serves grades 9 through 12, is a part of the School District of Philadelphia.


On February 5, 1939, John Bartram High School, located at the intersection of 67th Street and Elmwood Avenue in Southwest Philadelphia, PA, opened its doors for the first time and eagerly welcomed 1,700 students into its newly constructed halls and classrooms. According to a history of the school published on its 50th anniversary, the school was originally planned at 74th Street and Dicks Avenue, but the site was changed to 67th and Elmwood Avenue before construction started. It was built to relieve overcrowding at West Philadelphia High School due to population increases in the southwest part of the city.
The art-deco building was designed for 2,750 students but frequently held 3,200 or more. It was one of the first Philadelphia high schools named for a prominent individual rather than a geographic region of the city.
On December 4, 1986, it was added to the National Register of Historic Places. The school is home to PA-20032 Unit of the Air Force JROTC.[2]

School and Site Structure

The Building

According to Mrs. Phyllis Walton, head secretary at John Bartram High School. John Batram High School is a public school, located in SouthWest Philadelphia on 67th and Elmwood. The school was built in 1939 due to overcrowding in West Philadelphia High School. The school was named after a famous American Botanist, John Bartram. Mr.Cennamo, eleventh grade climate coordinator says, originally the building consisted of four floors, but in the twenty-first century the fourth floor was blockaded from all students. The building is one city block long and the capacity of the school is about 3000 students. The blueprint of the school shows that there are approximately 103 classrooms and 12 staircases. The school has a boy and girl gymnasium for different sporting advents. The auditorium can hold about 1077 people.

Southwest Philadelphia Connection

According to the Vice Principle Collette Langston, Bartram High School was taken off the persistently dangerous schools list since 2008. One of the main problems was culture diversity and stereotypes from both African American students and African students during this time students in Bartram seen fights everyday. This problem was solved by starting the peace group, after the start of the peace group the number of violence incidents dropped in John Bartram High School.

The peace group is a planned meeting with African Americans, Asians, and Spanish to stop the violence in school because of this it will let them talk to each other and communicate to one another so they can understand each others culture. For more understanding for each other now they can have respect for each Other. This is what solved the violence in John Bartram High School.

To get a more in-depth analysis in violence in our community, check out this powerpoint presentation.

Faculty and Staff

Senior Academy
Tonkinson-social science

Rotc Academy

Junior Academy
Impink-u.s history
Franc vac

Crossroad Academy
Creighton-physical science

Sophomore Academy
Gehring-world history

Freshman Academy

Esol Academy

Academy climate coord.
P.Cennamo-itl eng.

SpecIal education coord.

Testing coord.

Roster Office

School operations

Front desk


Speech Therapist


Secretaries-main office

Beacon program


Ect coord.

Principal on assignment

Community relation liason

Title 1 coord.

Resource room teachers

School Police
sgt. J.Robinson

12th grade
10th grade
9th grade

Social worker

Bldg. engineer

Athletic director
boys gym floor
boys gym ofc
girls gym floor
girls gym office

Elect program

New teachers mentor

Data coord.

Computers technician


File:IMG 0733.jpg Photograph by Matt Impink

College Admissions-

There are a fare amount of John Bartram student’s going to college. However it seems to be a little hard, because there is still a large amount of student’s who do not attend college after High School. We believe this is because of SAT scores and PSSA scores. According to Ms Brown the 12th grade Counselor, Over the last couple of years PSSA scores have gone up around 16% in Reading, and 9% in Math which is a huge step for John Bartram. There are only 3 sections on the PSSA test. It includes writing/reading, science and also math. According to our senior counselor Ms. Brown students seem to score very highly on the reading/writing section. Most students receive Core Philly or Gear Up which are programs that help students get into college. Athletic Students has to meet a certain reqirements in order to get into college. For the most part, colleges like to financial aid rather then scholarships but those who go on to college receive grants rater than scholarships.
-By Dion Hennigan,Amir Patton


In 2003 John Bartram High School’s attendance was at 76%. 2004 Bartram dropped to a rough 74%. But in 2005 Bartram came back up to 75%. 2006 Bartram’s attendance started to turn around and went up to 78%. 2007 Bartram’s attendance came up to a outstanding 80% according to the School District Of Philadelphia’s profile on Bartram.
-By Rayshawn Campbell

Cultural/Ethnic Diversity

Academics and Curriculum

English Department

Each year at John Bartram students will have to take English classes. English classes are to help students improve their reading, grammar, writing skills, and vocabulary. English is one of the most important subjects in school. Four English credits are required to graduate.
This is the order they will be given
 Grade 9- English 1
Grade 10- English 2
Grade 11- English 3 / AP English
Grade 12- English 4 / AP English
Here are some other English classes Bartram has to offer that are not mandatory, but helps prepare students for college courses.
SAT English
AP English
Public Speaking
Theater Course
Public Speaking
AP English LIT
This information was confirmed by Ms. Tiaw and Mr.Rohm, who are the leaders of the English Department.

Social Studies


· What kinds of courses are there through out the years?

9th grade is Phys science.

10th grade is Biology.

11th grade is chemistry (atoms &elements)

12th grade is Anatomy
· The third floor in john Bartram’s B wing is known as the science section because most of the class rooms have sinks, gas hoods, water and electricity hookups there are four science rooms only one science floor. There was an fourth floor reinvented roof not fixed yet and has an green house called (victory garden).
· The science has partnerships with several groups some like Upenn, which allows the class to get the supplies, city year, urban health union Philadelphia water works, Rave, and etc.

· The school even took the students on A couple of field trips over the years to places like Franklin institute, Philadelphia zoo, please touch museum, Bartram garden, and a boat ride.
· These classes are taught by.
MS. Boyd Coach. Calimag

MS. Foster MS. Philips

Asst. MS. Nancy MR. Crayton

MR. Daniel


Test Scores

Extracurricular and Support Programs

Math Club

John Bartram mathematic club is an extra curricular activity group for students who want more of challenge in math from which they cant get from their regular math classes. They participate in outer school competition and math contest. The math club was established only three years ago. And has grown since being established .it started with only 6 members nom it has a whopping 15 members. These are some of the brightest mathmations in our school so this club gives them a chance to show their skills. Their biggest meet is in Bethlehem pa at Lehigh University. To them this is their super bowl even if they didn’t place yet.
Head of math club Paul Dexter

[edit] Scholarships

Not a lot of scholarships, in john Bartram high school for a lot of students in the united States, because some students may not get in to college.
As many as you can earn all through the school year. And some students may not get a scholarship; during the end of the school year.
Laptops, Computers, and some students may get a $1,000 or a $100 with there scholarships.
There's no GPA Scholarships. For some Students that can’t really get in to college with Low grades and not a enough credits.
May be some scholarships will pay for your college years and may be before you get there and start your student year there.

Ø There's no way you can lose your scholarships. But there’s one way you can lose your scholarship:
Ø Fighting
Ø Don’t do well on any of your Exams or tests
Ø Not showing up for class on time.

Ø One Scholarship that I can think of:
Ø White William


[edit] Work Ready

Work ready Philadelphia is the city’s system to prepare 14 and 21 year old youth to become a highly skilled 21st century work force for the city and the region.
Work ready coordinates the city’s existing youth employment programs and also seeks to expand the number of high-quality experiences available for Philadelphia.
About 100 students are hosted.
By getting involved with work ready Philadelphia you learn high quality work skills. When applying for job recruiters will see that you are a intern that can do entry-level work and that you already know the ropes.
Work ready can be found in Bartram's Student Success center. There are a couple of steps to apply for work ready, you have to fill out the application, get a physical, make sure that you have a work permit, social security card, and birth certificate. After you have completed that you have to submit you application and wait for a call from work ready. If they do not call you, you have to call them. They will set up a interview with you. The interview is with about six employers from work ready. applicants will have an interview with at least three other students. Interviewers will ask questions about school and personal questions about you. They will explain how work ready helps you with your job performance and how it will help you become a more qualified person for any job that you are looking for.

[edit] ELECT

“Elect/ CTC is hand on with teens that are pregnant or with children. The goal is to equip students that are parenting with the knowledge and assistance to be effective parents as well as graduate from High School. The elect staffs assist sixty to seventy-five students every year. Parenting teens are given clothes and food for their babies. There are parenting classes, educational field trips, and jobs opportunities for the teen parents. Elect provide young parents with advocates that conduct home visits that help students be more active with their child/children,"(Ms. Ivory, site coordinator, Elect/CTC, John Bartram High School).

[edit] M.A.R.S.

Mars is a program that works with young men that are in high school, 9th-12th grade. The MARS program helps young men find their way into fatherhood as well as assisting them and help balance their responsibilities. MARS is a common name used for the term Men Achieving Responsibilities Successfully. The program does not discriminate against anybody. if a young lady is pregnant with child, and something goes wrong at birth, the program will assist the couple mentally. It provides information, educational, and supportive services for many Bartram students. By:JERRY DENNISON

[edit] Health Technology
The Health Technology program is a 3-year exploratory class to help students prepare for career opportunities in health. There are 240 positions recognized in the health care industry established by the Federal government. Once students complete the program, they can go directly into a health profession, take advanced technical studies or enter a professional study through a 4-year college degree. Students are automatically linked to health care contacts, paid internships, and have multiple shadow opportunities to invest career opportunities. They obtain industry certifications and state competency certification, and direct contact to health care scholarships through professional organizations.

[edit] Twilight

Enter To Learn, Leave To Earn
Bartram High School – EOP Educational Program

To Be Successful In The Bartram High School EOP Program The Following Guidelines Must Be Met:

· Must attend Bartram EOP Monday thru Thursday from 3:30 pm to 6:30 pm

· Uniforms must be worn Daily (black pants and black or white uniforms shirts with the Bartram High School Logo); you may not wear any Headscarves or hats in school

· Attendance is very important – you cannot miss more than three days in any given EOP cycle or you will be dropped for poor attendance

Doctor Appointments; child care appts, ETC. must be made prior to class time.

Notes from parents are not acceptable; however, doctor’s notes, court documentation will be.

· You must be prepared with your notebooks, penns, and any other required items that your teachers require for class.

· Homework, projects, tests, quizzes, and a positive attitude are required to be successful in our school. If you are not prepared to learn, then this is not the right school for you to attend.

·Saturday school (Ben franklin High School) is available to you if you are enrolled and in good standings at Bartram.

Bartram uniform shirts may be purchased on every Monday, and the cost is $10
Classes start on four times each year: September, December, February, and April
If you need to secure credits from an Educational Institute outside of the Philadelphia School District, you must have them faxed to the attention of Mr. Lee at (215) 492-6117 immediately.

[edit] Tutoring Program

John Bartram tutoring program was throughout the years by Ms. Beverly Yancy. It helped students to advance in their major subjects by working with the basics. It is only a program available to 9th and 10th graders, held one hour per week from 3-4 pm. I Kiana Farlow has interviewed the head secretary, Ms. Phyllis Walton on 6-4-09 and also Ms. Beverly Yancy, who’s in charge of the program. They both agreed that most of the students who are in the 11th grade and 12th grade students who appeared in the program while in the 9th and 10th grade have boost their grades up tremendously.

[edit] Chess Club

John Bartram High also has a chess team. It was founded by Corey Dorsey in December 2008. It is sponsored by Horace Ryan and led by Corey Dorsey. The Chess Club not only teaches students the game of chess, but it also teaches valuable life skills. It teaches students to always think ahead, while at the same time, teaching them to be patient and take things one step at a time. The club is scheduled to commence Mondays through Thursdays, from 3 o’clock to 4 o’clock, in the Student Success Center (a student resource center; used for students to get ready for college, prepare the workplace, and achieve their academic goals). There are 20 students in the Chess Club, however only about 15 students show up consistently.

[edit] Yearbook

Bartram’s Yearbook Club, an extracurricular activity for students to create their school yearbook, has been in existence since 1943. Mouy Tiaw has been the Co-Advisor of it for three years, and Elizabeth Humphries as well for one year. When Tiaw began overseeing the yearbook club, she added 60 pages to the yearbook. The yearbooks published after the year 2006 all have 160 pages at least. The club starts in September and ends in April. Members meet weekly on Thursdays. The students in the club take photos, write copy, and design the layout. On average, there’s usually 5 through 10 student members in the club.

[edit] Dance Class

The dance class at John Bartram High School is good for students that like to dance or would like to dance steps it’s a fun way to get graded the student perform at there school an middle schools also. Many students love to join this class every year. • Mondays- Yoga • Tuesday- Cha Cha • Wednesday- Salsa • Thursday- Soul Line Dance • Weekly Review/Free Style

[edit] Chess Team

The chess team at Bartram is very skilled even though the program is still developing. It’s a 10 player team, with 2 coaches (Mr. Ryan and Corey). These coaches would like to improve the team by getting more students to join and having more practice games. The purpose of the chess team is to help the players learn to strategize. Even though Bartram chess team is just starting out their skills are growing fast and they’ll be competing soon.

[edit] City Year

John Bartram city year is a very productive program for the students to be apart of. They have after school tutoring, and they look for the students of John Bartram for their views on new programs. City Year Partakes in painting school, murals, and male mentoring “Big brother, Little brother program.” The city year is open to anything that makes the students excited and engaged with school.

[edit] Athletics

[edit] Basketball


The Bartram Boys' Basketball Team has a long history of success. They have won five Philadelphia Public League Championships since the school started playing in the early 1940's reference:
In 2008-09 the team went 19-10 including 10-4 in League Play and made it to the second round of the PIAA 4A State Playoffs by defeating Pocono Mountain East. ref:
In the Second Round Bartram lost to eventual state champion Pennwood. The team was coached by James Brown, Terence Durham, Matt Impink and Hasan Tyler.

[edit] Football

"Bartram Braves is a tough and competitive team to defeat"said the John Bartram High School Football Team O-Line coach Mark. John Bartram football team has a Great Tradition and has been going on for a long time. Bartram has a good reputation of building tough players with good intelligent mind sets. Bartram has sent several people to the NFL for example (Eric Williams who now play for the Dallas Cowboys) and numerous students to college every year which is the main goal.Bartram football team is a young talented group of young men that will work at their best ability to be great contenders each year. According to Coach Chapman one of the football coaches at Bartam says that "the team is good for the students and helps keep them out of trouble and they must concentrate on their grades. For the year of 08-09 John Bartram football team was Division Champs with a record of 10-2. This year Bartram will move up to the toughest division in the public leauge. Last but not lease is a quote from Coach Warren "The best way to destroy a enemy is to make him a friend"Watch out for the John Bartram High School Football Team. Click here for more information on the Bartram Football team

[edit] Soccer

Soccer at John Bartram is especially important to African players. Most of the players are from West Africa.
In 06- 07 the boys were the Philadelphia Public League Champions it was the first time for the school to enter the final and win it. One of the players said that the school don’t really take them serious for what they do, there are no fans when the boys have a game.
The Bartram soccer team was 17 & 3,the lost to Fels in the semi-final 1-0 in overtime it was one of the most heartbreaking losses that Bartram ever had , since they beat fels in the regular season 6-2 and fels get batter.
The Bartram team is considered as one of the strongest soccer team in the Philadelphia Public League.

  1. Wood. Steve. "Bartram treats itself to soccer title" Philadelphia Daily News. November 2006.
  2. ^ Pompey, Keith. "Bartram rich in West African players." Philadlephia Inquirer. 18 October 2006.

[edit] Track

John Bartram High School has good sport tradition, especially in track. According to Coach Jim Chapman, Bartram 's track team always competed well with others; even with Overbrook High School's track team which is one of the best historically. The fastest on the track team in 2009 is Marques Modie. John Bartram has a siver medal in 4x4 in the Penn Relays. In 2009 Dave Burous came in 4th place at the Public League Championships.

[edit] Baseball

[edit] Bowling

Coach Jackie Adam, Bartram bowling head coach said her team finished last place going 0-6 this year 2008-2009 Season. I interviewed her 6/6/09 approximately 1:00 in the afternoon. She also mentioned that this was her first year coach the bowling team, but I think next year going to be better for the team. Last year Mr. Long was the bowling coach and I was told he had a good record and done a good job coaching them. The sport has established in Bartram high school many years ago. Nobody really tried out for it I guess because of the environment and what sports these students was raised on. Even though the school’s bowling team was never really popular like that, it still plays a big part of after school activities and an easy way to show good sportsmanship. The bowling team would also look good on your resume just in case you want to get in a certain college or when trying to get a job. I never played for the bowling team but I know it would be a good opportunity and keep me out of trouble.

[edit] Tennis The John Bartram High School Tennis Team is group of talented individuals who love the game of tennis each with their own style of playing the game some better than others but what keeps them together is the bond they all have grown with each other. The coach him self said that he was very happy with how his team played during the regular season but he also mentioned how the whole team was devastated with the outcome and the devastating defeat in the semifinals but the team will always bounce back and make to the top and concur the new season with a much strong and better focus team with all new players. edited by the one and only DINO HALL

[edit] Cheerleading

The Bartram Cheerleading team is cheers at most home boys' basketball games and all home football games. The team recently competed in the city wide cheerleading competition taking home first prize in the 2009 competition.

[edit] Softball


Famous Alumni

Earl Monroe
Erik Williams
Jack Weber
DJ Jazzy Jeff
Wilson Goode
Patti LaBelle
Damond Warren
Bob Herdelin
Edward Lucy
Michael Gold
Lewis Dix
Alice W.Strine

School Uniform

School District Uniform Policy mandates that students at Bartram wear black bottoms (pants or skirts) and black or white three-button tops with collars.[5]

Feeder patterns

Feeder middle schools include George Pepper Middle School and Tilden Middle School.[6] K-8 schools feeding into Bartram include William C. Longstreth School and Penrose School.[6]


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